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An exciting and revealing journey through a century of education about the most basic human drive, from its role as a tool of control over people's bodies, desires and identities to the ongoing struggle for knowledge, freedom and equality.

The Sea of Plastic 

The sea of plastic is an extensive network of 31,000 hectares of greenhouses in the Andalusian province of Almería in Spain, where around 100,000 people earn their living from agriculture. But the area that supplies Europe with half of its products has become the focus of a growing ecological and humanitarian disaster.

Simona Levi Poster_Imagen_V3_edited.png
Simona Levi vs. Rodrigo Rato




The story of how Simona Levi and a group of cyberactivists bring about the fall of one of Spain’s most powerful bankers.

For the first time in the 50-year history of the World Economic Forum, an independent film team was able to shoot behind closed doors. As the world stands at a crossroads, they document the most powerful people on the planet making decisions that will affect us all.

The Forum

A play about representation of war, performed by former enemies. British and Argentinian veterans of the Falklands/Malvinas War come together 35 years after the conflict to explore, script, rehearse and re-enact their memories of war.

Theatre of War

An investigative documentary-thriller covering events around the enigmatic bank whistle-blower Hervé Falciani. The highly sensitive client data he stole from HSBC led to the biggest banking scandal in history; which is why many consider him to be the Edward Snowden of banking. 

Falciani's Tax Bomb

The streets of Barcelona’s Raval are poor, dirty and sleazy, but these days are bustling with hipsters, students and young professionals.  In the midst of gentrification, remnants of the old Raval are increasingly rare.  The four local hair salons featured in this film are like time capsules.  Stubbornly authentic, they bear witness to change and narrate the story of their neighbourhood.

Parrot at Milk Bar

In 2002, Google launched the internet’s most ambitious project - the scanning of every book in the world, to create a giant global library.  Google’s parallel agenda was to create a higher form of intelligence, as predicted by HG Wells  in his 1937 essay "World Brain". But half the books Google scanned were still in copyright, and authors across the world launched a moral, legal and intellectual campaign to stop them. 

Google and the

A high-stakes power play with global repercussions.

Lithium is on its way to becoming “the natural  resource”

of the 21st century. As the basis for new battery technology, it’s the prerequisite for the spreading of electric mobility.

Is lithium both an answer to the imminent energy crisis and

a key to the future?

The Lithium Revolution
The Light Bulb

An investigation into Planned Obsolescence - the engineering of products to fail in “due” course. In  the  1920’s,  a  group  of  businessmen  realised  that  the  longer  their  products  lasted,  the  less  money  they  made; so they invented throwaway consumerism.  With the environment in crisis and consumers getting smarter, has Planned  Obsolescence  reached  the  end  of  its  own  life?

My Life with Carlos

In 1973, Chilean political activist Carlos Berger Guralnick was murdered by the Pinochet regime in the notorious death  convoy. His wife, Carmen Berger, turned her work as a lawyer  into a life-long campaign  against the  dictatorship. Her son, Germán, only knew his father as political icon, never as a Dad.

Germán is a father now, and a filmmaker. He embarks on a personal search for his father, and finds a family story which resonates with the fate of a country.

Mañana al Mar

A sensual and lyrical film that captures the essence of a unique group of senior citizens who have found an extraordinarily graceful way to age, on the Barceloneta Beach.


Basilio is a 14-year-old Bolivian who supports his family by working in a silver mine. Like his fellow workers, the boy looks to Satan for protection from the daily hazards he encounters in the bowels of the Earth..

The Devil's Miner


 Campus Latino is a documentary training programme for emerging filmmakers from Latin America, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Its objective is to support filmmakers in developing their projects creatively, at the same time as sourcing production and financing partners, and exploring innovative distribution strategies in the international marketplace.    

The programme is developed by Documentary Campus and Goethe-Institut with the support of Ibermedia in collaboration with Bravi from Brazil, ChileDocs and International Film Festivals as DOCSMX in Mexico and IFF Panama. 

Campus Latino

Bettina Walter


Bettina Walter is a German producer with more than fifteen years’ experience creating award-winning documentaries for the international market. 


Since the founding of BWP in Barcelona in 2006, Bettina’s work has explored the possibilities of documentary storytelling, striving to bring new perspectives, voices and realities to the screen. 


With years of experience collaborating with prestigious and respected filmmakers, Bettina and BWP are driven by the desire to produce films that inspire, entertain and move audiences. 

Bettina’s credits as producer or co-producer include critically acclaimed documentaries produced and distributed with leading international broadcasters such as PBS, BBC, ARTE/ZDF, SFR & RTS and TVE/TVC. Her work has screened at festivals including Sundance, Hot Docs, Berlinale, IDFA and DocFest Sheffield, and has received prestigious nominations and awards including FIPRESCI, PBS Independent Lens, Prix Europa, Grimme, Grierson, German Television and Movistar. 


With an extensive professional network of leading screenwriters, filmmakers, directors, producers, and distributors all over the world, Bettina and BWP are focussed on bringing original and engaging films to a diverse international audience.

In keeping with this global outlook and driven by a passion for Latin American cinema, Bettina along with Documentary Campus and the Goethe Institute founded Campus Latino, a documentary training programme for talented new Latin American filmmakers. 


Campus Latino is a joint European and Latin American venture, bringing together leading organisations in the documentary sector including ChileDocs, the Bravi Producer Association of Brazil, IFF Panama and Ibermedia, as well as an ever-evolving number of additional partners and collaborators. 


Bettina has served on numerous film festival juries and funding panels, including five editions of DocFest Sheffield as session producer, moderator or panellist. 


For the past decade, Bettina has worked as a tutor and mentor at various European institutions including the University of Barcelona, the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona, the ECIB and the Filmakademie of Baden-Württemberg, alongside her work with Documentary Masterclass and Campus Latino.



Raising funds & navigating 
the international market 

Over the years, BWP has developed an extensive international network of public and private broadcasters, distributors, sales agents and producers. Through tailored consultation services, BWP leverages its relationships with leading industry organisationsto develop project-specific financing strategies. 

We identify and introduce potential financing partners, support in the preparation of pitch materials and applications, and facilitate the financing of projects through development, production, postproduction and distribution.

BWP also offers young filmmakers an introduction to the commercial film universe and key decision makers, helping them to navigate key European markets such as IDFA in Amsterdam, Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, DocFest Sheffield and MIP in Cannes. We join filmmakers on market visits, guiding them through the process of networking, pitching and evaluating potential offers, ensuring they get the maximum benefit from their visit.

Sharing knowledge with the next generation of filmmakers

In addition to consultancy, BWP's founder Bettina Walter has been a lecturer on creative production for ten years, giving masterclasses in Spain, Germany and Latin America. 


Through detailed case studies and guest appearances by experts on diverse topics including as SVOD platforms, storytelling, marketing and impact strategies, Bettina supports young filmmakers in getting the most from their story and helping it reach itstarget audience. 


Offering an end-to-end education, filmmakers learn to how to take a project from initial development, through funding and production, to release and international distribution.



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